Mil-Std 461 General Overview

D.L.S. Electronic Systems offers EMC compliance testing for Mil-Std 461, established to determine the requirements for the control of electromagnetic interference characteristics of subsystems and equipment for applicable Military and Aerospace requirements. Mil-Std 461 has various issues with modifications, starting with revision A, up to the current revision F. Starting with revision E, Mil-Std 462, with references to testing set up, procedures, and methodology, was eliminated, and essentially rolled into Mil 461. Mil-Std 461 is still applicable for testing requirements identified for revisions A through D.

Mil-Std 461 is concerned with two basic areas, electromagnetic effects that are conducted, and electromagnetic effects that are radiated.
Each area is represented in two different modes, emissions and susceptibility.

Mil-Std 461 has established specific requirements with respect to the tests for Conducted Emissions, Conducted Susceptibility, Radiated Emissions, and Radiated Susceptibility. The chart below details the specific tests called out in the current issue of Mil-Std 461E.

Conducted Emissions, Power Leads, 30 Hz to 10 kHz
Conducted Emissions, Power Leads, 10 kHz to 10 MHz
Conducted Emissions, Antenna Terminal, 10 kHz to 40 GHz
Conducted Susceptibility, Power Leads, 30 Hz to 150 kHz
Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Intermodulation, 15 kHz to 10 GHz
Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Rejection of Undesired Signals, 30 Hz to 20 GHz
Conducted Susceptibility, Antenna Port, Cross-Modulation, 30 Hz to 20 GHz
Conducted Susceptibility,Structure Current, 60 Hz to 100 kHz
Conducted Susceptibility,Bulk Cable Injection, 10 kHz to 200 MHz
Conducted Susceptibility,Bulk Cable Injection, Impulse Excitation
Conducted Susceptibility,Damped Sinusoidal Transients, Cables and Power Leads, 10 kHz to 100 MHz
Radiated Emissions, Magnetic Field, 30 Hz to 100 kHz
Radiated Emissions, Electric Field, 10 kHz to 18 GHz
Radiated Emissions,Antenna Spurious and Harmonic Outputs, 10 kHz to 40 GHz
Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic Field, 30 Hz to 100 kHz
Radiated Susceptibility,Electric Field, 2 MHz to 40 GHz
Radiated Susceptibility,Transient Electromagnetic Field


Product Requirements Matrix

D.L.S. can perform testing on a variety of products that require compliance to Mil-Std 461. All devices, components, ships, weapons, aircraft, ground and support equipment, electrical and electronic systems that are used in a military or aerospace application are subject to meeting the requirements established in Mil-Std 461. Each branch of the armed services, Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA have identified specific requirements that are applicable to the specific needs and applications. Not all tests are required for every application. The detailed Testing Matrix below identifies the applicable tests for each requirement.


Accreditation and Personnel

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc. is an independent testing laboratory, accredited by an independent testing organization to ensure that the testing is performed within the United States Department of Commerce and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which issues third part accreditations for testing and calibration under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, or NVLAP. This program follows the guidelines of ISO/IEC 17025 and Guide 58. D.L.S. is listed under NVLAP lab code number 100276-0.

Occasionally, specific applications can require specific personnel requirements. An example is the use of engineering staff accredited by National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers, Inc., or what has been commonly referred to as NARTE. The US Navy, through NAVAIR to insure that their equipment was being tested correctly, established this program in the late 80's. This program exists today, with prospective engineers required to take and pass a written certification examination test. Most NAVAIR related programs still require that the testing be performed, certified, or supervised by NARTE engineering staff. D.L.S. provides an experienced technical staff of 19 engineers, 16 of which are certified to the NARTE standards. These engineers are trained not only in test performance and methodology, but provide engineering assistance with respect to compliance failures, offering on-the-spot trouble shooting and problem solving experiences.

D.L.S. offers a number of engineering solutions, stocked, and ready to be employed. The list of solutions includes but is not limited to EMI gaskets and seals, conductive paints and foils, cable shielding, ferrite beads and sleeves, chokes, capacitors, filters, and other materials and components used for compliance purposes. D.L.S. has a pipeline to customized solution providers, if such a need arises as well.


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